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Updated PAC Programs and Events

Please make a note of our updated programs and events for fall 2016. We've had to change a few programs, and have added several more, to better serve you! Please contact us with questions or if you need additional information.

Another important note is about our Facebook pages. For several years, we have been maintaining and updating two Facebook pages that provide the same information to our club members and to the community. 

Over the next several weeks, we will be making the transition to one Facebook page to serve Pottstown Athletic Club / Pottstown CrossFit better. Please make a note of this page:

Here's our fall 2016 events...we hope to see you!

Begins Sept. 24: Weekend WODS at the Armory, StartingSaturdayandSunday8:00 amAdults,8:30Youth begins

Began Sept. 19: Iron Masters Fall Training – Pottstown High School inHouse CrossFit training sessions (15 sessions Sept – Dec).  

Sept. 25: Dragon Warrior Hoagie Sale Fundraiser


Understanding General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

By Coach Ryan Chavez
CrossFit OG (original gangster), Chris Spealler, answers the question “do you want a 3 minute mile or an 800lbs back squat” by stating, “I want the best of both worlds.” General physical preparedness (GPP) is something that all CrossFit athletes possess in some sort of way. This basically means that if you are asked to run a mile or back squat heavy, you’re going to be pretty decent at both, especially compared to an athlete who only runs or an athlete who only back squats. A CrossFit athlete will have “the best of both worlds” because they will be trained and prepared for whatever is thrown their way. Given a list of, let’s say, 3 different workouts, one being a marathon, one being to find your heaviest back squat and the last being max muscle ups in 5 minutes and  3 different types of athletes, one being a seasoned marathon runner, a body builder and lastly, a CrossFit athlete, what results could we expect across all three WODs? The marathon runner would take the ru…