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CrossFit Can Truly Change Lives

My name is Dylan S. I'm a recovering drug addict. Growing up, sports played abig role in my life and was something I enjoyed very much. I was always involved in sports and got very involved in motocross in my teenage years.
I was verypassionate about it and traveled the east coast racing. It was the one thing thatgave me a purpose and felt people were proud of me for doing.  
As I got into highschool, I gave up all the sports and racing and went down the wrong path. I was looking for and finding that rush that physical exercise gave me, in all the wrong areas. Ittook me to the point where I was homeless and tried to take my life.
That's the point it took me to get sober, and find my faith. One point I wasstill lacking, even though I was mentally getting better, was the physical side.
The years took a toll on me and I was looking to change that. I still was low on funds and that was one thing that was holding me back from attempting to get backinvolved in CrossFit.
I approached Rob…