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Cross Fit: Testimonial by John H.

Note: This is a Pottstown Athletic Club member's testimonial that we received several years ago. We're sharing it now to help inspire others and hope you enjoy it! August 2004, I departed almost 12 years of United States Naval service with an Honorable discharge.  Many factors contributed to that discharge and shaped my world as I saw it. In my professional career, I was overweight off and on for those 12 years and that resulted as the primary factor in my discharge.   In my personal life, I was a personal computer gamer (PC), and thus spent most of my time indoors. Additionally on top of those two factors, while in the war, my first spouse left me while I was on deployment, taking my children and all that I have ever known.  These factors sent me mentally, physically and emotionally into a spiral that I fought for years within myself. For all those years, I overate, smoked cigarettes, and watched lots of TV and not much else.

By summer 2007, I would estimate my habits had the…