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Pottstown Athletic Club CrossFit Pottstown 2016 Review

An Open Letter to the “Met-Heads”

- Mike Warkentin, managing editor, CrossFit Journal
Are you addicted to met-cons to the detriment of overall fitness? Yes, we know you feel like you didn’t accomplish anything on deadlift day. It’s very clear you’re unhappy that you are not out of breath and dripping with sweat. We’re just going to lie here on the rubber with shaking legs while you head over to the corner to bang out 100 burpees for time. We’ll even start the clock if you feel the need to hit a quick Fran. But we’re wrecked from heavy day, so please don’t ask us to join you.
Here’s why: You’re part of a CrossFit program.
Conditioning is a big part of CrossFit. Many workouts done in CrossFit gyms and programmed on cause you to sweat heavily, breathe hard and collapse on the floor at the end. These workouts range from relatively short tests such as Fran to longer challenges such as Cindy, and many Hero workouts take athletes into time domains past 20 minutes.
Among the benchmark workouts, you’ll find a CrossFit…