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Back to School – a Great Time to Get Fit!

Now that school’s ready to start, parents are also getting back into the swing of things. Now is the perfect time for parents and kids alike to start a fitness routine.

Don’t wait until New Year’s Day or a big event to get back into shape. The holidays are just around the corner with a lot of activities and events that cause people to put on weight.

Summer is over and things may seem chaotic right now, getting back into the routine of school.  That free time that you had over the summer months has dissipated into thin air. This can make working out quite challenging at times. The struggle is real, but not impossible. Creating a plan of action can help to get you on the right track to fitness and better health. 

It can be difficult to find time to exercise with such a hectic schedule. Take a few minutes to identify gaps or available times in your day. Having dedicated days and times that you set for exercise will ensure you stay consistent and continue to see results.

Sometimes the last thing that you want to do at the end of a long day is to come home and cook dinner. You don’t want to derail your fitness plan by reaching for something that is quick, easy and probably not full of nutrients. Prepping meals on the weekend can be a great way to have fresh food that is easy to put together during the week while staying on track with good nutrition.

Many people enjoy a social aspect to go along with exercise. For something that can feel so cumbersome, if they are around others, it can make the time fly by. Make time to attend fitness classes. Check out our workout schedule on our website.  Going to classes can help you to meet others that are also fitness minded and adhering to their fitness program on a consistent basis.

Circuit training is key, especially if you have a busy schedule. Focus on hitting every major muscle group. Including compound movements so you are hitting upper and lower body muscle groups.

Have backup! Sometimes, having the time to get to the gym will just not be possible. It’s always a good idea to have a few pieces of equipment at home so in a pinch you can get in a workout. A set of resistance bands, a medicine ball, and adjustable weights are a good start. 

Contact us for more information about the classes and memberships we have available for the fall!


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