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CrossFit Testimonial – Lori

I remember my first taste of CrossFit very clearly, about a year ago.  My son had invited me and my daughter, his sister, to Pottstown CrossFit’s Annual River Run.  Wanting to try something new, we took him up on the offer.  Little did I know that it was anything but a RUN.  During the run, various workout stations were set up to include tire flips, kettle ball swings, and thrusters.  Considering that I had not done any type of physical activity over the past 4 years, due to working full time, raising 2 teenagers, and attending graduate school, I was feeling really out of shape during the workout.  However, one of the things that I noticed really quickly was that everyone was so supportive and helped me and my daughter throughout the course of the run.  Everyone was encouraging and showed us each routine at each station.  After completing the run I felt exhausted, but at the same time felt a sense of accomplishment.  It was at that time that I made a commitment to make a lifestyle change by focusing on my health and wellness upon finishing graduate school the following month. 

During my first week of CrossFit training I remember feeling so out of shape.  I could not complete any part of the workout without stopping to take a break.  I was continuously out of breath.  At 216 lbs, you can only imagine my struggle with doing a burpee!!! At the end of the week I remember saying to my daughter, “I don’t think this CrossFit thing is for me.”  I am too out of shape to keep working out like this.  Although I was able to modify the WOD to fit my level of ability and everyone continued to be supportive, I didn’t think this type of workout was for me. The following week, I walked back in the door and have been working out 5 days a week ever since. 

CrossFit has been beneficial to me in so many ways.  The atmosphere is welcoming and everyone is supportive.  I’ve often heard people refer to my “CrossFit Family” but I didn’t really know what that meant until I experienced it for myself.  I’ve made a lot of new friends at CrossFit.  We all push each other to do our best and surpass our own expectations.  At age 52, I have more energy, I am more motivated in my daily living, I have a more positive attitude, my body firmed up, I lost 10 inches in my waist and have lost 50 lbs.  My clothing size has changed from Size 18 to Size 12.  I have also noticed that I can walk up several flights of steps without getting out of breath and my ankles no longer swell by the end of the day.  It has increased my confidence level and I am simply happier! After working out I feel a sense of accomplishment and want to continuously set new goals for myself.  

Lastly, it was almost a year ago that I decided to make a lifestyle change.  With that said, CrossFit has been a positive influence throughout my journey.   I still have a lot more goals to accomplish over the next year, but I’m extremely confident that I will continue to surpass those goals and continue to create new ones.     


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